Welcome to Snug Duck serviced accommodation in Farnborough. We offer a range of serviced apartments suitable for all purposes. Our short let apartments are ideal for corporate travellers, people visiting for leisure and families in need of temporary accommodation. Whether you need a small, cosy place to stay or a modern, spacious townhouse, we have the right property....

Professional Couples

Snug Duck is a family owned company that aims to offer something special for people who would rather stay in a house rather than a hotel.

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Barrie Road

Non Serviced accommodation for up to 4 Guests. Barrie Road is a 2 bedroom terraced property that is in a great location in Farnham, very close to town and local amenities.   more  

Charlie Mews

2 Guests,1 Bedroom, 1 Bed, 1 Bathroom. Charlie Mews is a fantastic alternative to a generic hotel room, and will really provide you with a home away from home.  more