About me 

Hello - my name is Linda Young, and although Serviced Accommodation is my property business interest, my passion is to save people the heartache of repossession.  Having been through that painful process earlier in my life, I understand how distressing it can become.  If I can help to firstly halt the repossession: then navigate your progress, whilst rebuilding your credit, I feel I would have provided a valuable and worthwhile service (particularly in restoring a healthy mental approach and a better financial balance to your future). 

"If you are in any trouble with payments on your mortgage, you may feel there is no way out.  I want to reassure you that you do have options, and even if you are already in the process of repossession, and feel there is no hope, it may well be worth a confidential chat to see if we can get clarity on your debt and discuss a better path for you going forward.  (I wish someone had done the same for me)."






Linda formerly specialised in managing others' properties but has a particular interest and expertise in alleviating property debt scenarios to create a win/win for a mortgagee.

  • Threat of repossession? Let me stop this for you.
  • Stressed by how it will affect your credit score? Let me find you a solution where I can rebuild your credit (it is possible).
  • Do you just want out? Let me find a way forward with you.



Contact Details


Call or email Linda in the first instance for a confidential chat.

  • 07444 056277
  • linda@snug-duck.co.uk